SortTest Changes

Copyright 2017 by David Wincelberg

SortTest 3.1

  1. Added SuspendColSort() to SortListCtrl.
  2. The sort sequence is now (a) numbers in parentheses, (b) integers and decimal numbers, and (c) multidot numbers. A single period is now the decimal symbol for numbers both inside and outside of parentheses. (Alternate characters for the decimal symbol and the thousand-separator symbol can be selected. This is not shown in SortTest.)
  3. Made changes to the Data page.
  4. Moved the flag to limit results to -1, 0, or 1 from CompareStrings() to the constructor. These values are expected by CompareItem().

SortTest 3.0

  1. Removed friend class statements from include files.
  2. Changed default ordering to alphabetic.
  3. Zip files now include alphabetic-ordering files.

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Last updated: 20-Feb-2017