Stamps 1.5

Calculates Postage for U.S. Letters, Large Envelopes and Packages
Copyright (c) 2017 by David Wincelberg

Changes Since Initial Release



Stamps 1.5 calculates how many stamps to apply to a letter, a large envelope, which is also called a flat, or a package. This app only covers items that are mailed in the United States to destinations in the United States.

If you only have first-ounce stamps, this app can tell you how many of them to apply and how much extra you would be paying.

Do you know that applying a third additional-ounce stamp to a letter only covers up to 3.5 ounces? Do you know that afterwards you must use the rate for flats up to 13 ounces? (After 13 ounces, mail with stamps applied must be presented at a post-office counter.)

Do you know the size requirements for letters and flats? What about the surcharge rules for letters or when package rates apply to a flat?

All this information is in this app.

You can specify when a letter or large envelope does not meet requirements by selecting an option on the main page.

With the tools and information in this app, you can avoid applying too-many stamps and therefore save money.

The postage rates are current as of the time this app is released. You can adjust and save higher values (up to 50 cents more). I plan to release updates with new postage rates.

This app is available in the Google Play store and in the Amazon Appstore.

This app is based on my web page Postage Without Additional-Ounce Stamps. (Fee: $0.99. Released on 3-Feb-2017.)


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Changes Since Initial Release

Stamps 1.5

  1. Updated postage and package rates due to rate changes.

Stamps 1.4

  1. Updated the package rates due to a rate increase for one through three ounces.

Stamps 1.3

  1. Updated the postage rates due to a rate decrease.
  2. Added "Package" to the list of container options and changed the label from "Envelope Type" to "Item Type".

Stamps 1.2

  1. Updated the additional-ounce and surcharge postage rates to $0.22.
  2. Postage rates may now be adjusted by up to 50 cents more. A change in the additional-ounce rate will result in a corresponding change in the surcharge rate.
  3. Replaced the surcharge option with a meets-requirements option. This allows for large envelopes that don't meet requirements. In that case, package rates apply.

Stamps 1.1

  1. Added an option for including a letter surcharge and an Explain button to the Main page. Adjusted the postage calculations to include this surcharge when it is selected. Removed the Calculate Postage button.
  2. Prompts for confirmation on the Postage Rates page if postage rates are changed but not saved or reset.
  3. Prompts for confirmation on the Main page if you press the back-arrow button.
  4. All of the pages of this app are now centered on phone and tablet screens.

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Last updated: 3-Feb-2017