DriveReady (Lists Ready Drives) 1.3
Displays a list of drives along with their disk-in status and types. Disk-in status is not automatically checked for drives A, B and network drives to avoid a distracting noise or network traffic. Press the "Check for Drives" button to query all drives whose type has been determined. The problem this program solves is detecting when a newly plugged-in USB drive is ready for use. Sometimes this occurs right away. On other occasions, there is a frustrating delay. With this program, you won't wonder if something is wrong. You will just wait until DriveReady signals that the new drive is ready. With "Silent mode" checked, this program won't distract you or other people with beeping when a new drive is ready. It requires Windows 98 or Windows NT 4.0 with I.E. 3.0 or higher. (Trial period: 15 days-of-use. Initial Fee: $4.99. Upgrade Fee: $0. Released on 6-April-2014.)

Received 1 safety award.