New Install Program

I replaced the previous install program with a newer one since some people had problems with the old one. There are six notable differences:

  1. The minimum system requirements now include Windows 98 or Windows NT 4.0 since the newer install program is not designed for earlier operating systems. The ZIP file for a program also contains the corresponding program file and documentation files. This program file may work with Windows 95 or Windows NT 3.51.
  2. The install program is now in a single file and has a name that includes the program's name and version.
  3. The uninstall program is now reachable from the corresponding program's Start Menu folder.
  4. In the Control Panel's uninstall list, the uninstall program is listed by the corresponding program's name and version number, without starting with FileJockey.
  5. The instructions for the newer install program do not include a recommendation to exit all Windows programs before running the setup or install program.
  6. There is only one setup-type. Previously, there were compact, typical and custom setup-types.

Last updated: 1-Jan-2013