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Web-Address List Editor
Copyright 2012 by David Wincelberg

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Registering/Buying AddressEdit
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AddressEdit 1.1 provides commands for modifying Internet Explorer's web-address list and saving your changes. These commands include delete, edit, add, move up/down, save and undo. If you mistyped a web address, you could edit or delete it. If you don't plan to return to a web page, you could delete its address. You could add to this list without visiting the corresponding pages. You could rearrange this list as you see fit. In addition, if you change your mind you can undo these commands. AddressEdit requires Windows 98 or Windows NT 4.0 or higher. (Trial period: 15 days-of-use. Initial Fee: $4.99. Upgrade Fee: $0. Released on 2-Feb-2012.)
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ZIP File with an Install Program

Install package: (460 KB)
Right click on this link, select "Save Target As," select a location and click Save. Then unzip this file and run AddressEditInstaller1.1.exe to install this program. See here for more information.
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Registering/Buying DiskSizes

First Step

Click the Options button, click on the Registration tab, and copy the displayed registration code by pressing the Copy button.

Option 1: Credit Card or PayPal Payment

Paste this code into the text field below and then press the "Buy Now" button. A PayPal page will open where you can pay by credit card or through your PayPal account. After you do so and I receive notice of your payment and this code, I will send you a thank-you e-mail with the corresponding activation code. (If I receive notice of your payment without this registration code, I will e-mail you for it.) You can register multiple copies of AddressEdit with the form below — just enter the registration codes separated by spaces, press the "Buy Now" button, edit the quantity on the PayPal page to match the number of registration codes and click on the Update link before paying through PayPal.

Registration Code(s):

Option 2: Check Payment

Send me e-mail with the subject being "AddressEdit 1.1 registration" that contains this code. (The rest of the body of this e-mail may be blank or say something like "I would like to register AddressEdit 1.1.") My reply will include my current postal address. Then send me a check for $4.99 made out to "David Wincelberg". Please include "AE 1.1" on the memo line of your check. After I receive it, I will send you a thank-you e-mail with the corresponding activation code. Note that if the amount of your payment is substantially more than that of a single registration fee, there may be a delay to allow for your check to clear.

Last Step

Enter this activation code into the corresponding field of the Registration page and press Apply or OK to register your copy of this program.
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