AddressEdit Changes

Web-Address List Editor
Copyright 2012 by David Wincelberg

AddressEdit 1.1

  1. Pressing OK or Apply on the Options screen when the Registration page has been visited and the Activation Code field is blank or this program has been registered no longer results in a noticeable delay or a change to the registration status.
  2. If you choose not to register this program and it expires, you can still retrieve your data by clicking on one link at a time and pressing the Edit button to move the selected link to the text box at the bottom of this program's window.
  3. Read-only text boxes now have a white background when there aren't any editable text boxes in the same window and a light background when there is an editable text box in the same window. This change makes the text in read-only text boxes easier to read.
  4. This program now saves its changed data when Windows reboots or shuts down (unless this program has expired).
  5. Added a minimize button to the title bar. Be sure to take into account that Internet Explorer reads its list of web addresses when it opens and writes it when it closes so that your changes aren't lost.
  6. Switched to a newer install program since some people were having problems with the old one. Since that program is not designed to create installation programs that run on Windows 95, the minimum system requirements for AddressEdit now includes Windows 98. However, AddressEdit.exe is included in the and should work on Windows 95.

Last updated: 22-March-2012