AnnotatedLinks Changes

Annotated Web/File/Folder Links
Copyright 2013 by David Wincelberg

AnnotatedLinks 2.2

  1. Added dragging and dropping of a file or folder name from Windows Explorer to the Link field. If this file or folder name is a shortcut, it will be resolved into a path. Shortcuts typically have an image of an arrow that overlays their icons. They represent a link to a file or folder that is elsewhere on disk.

  2. The "Tip of the Day" window will now start on the first tip when this program is installed after a previous version was installed. Previously, the tip index continued from where it was with the previous version.

AnnotatedLinks 2.1

  1. Changed this program's name to AnnotatedLinks since it can also handle links or paths to files and folders.

  2. Changed the Add and Modify buttons to New and Save buttons. Previously, pressing the Add button saved a new link and pressing the Modify button updated an existing link. Now, pressing the New button prepares for a new link and pressing the Save button saves a new or updated link. Removed the Clear button since the New button basically does the same thing as the Clear button did.

  3. When you rest the mouse pointer (or cursor) over an item in the "List of Links" that is not fully displayed, a screen tip will now generally appear that overlays the item instead of being below it. This feature requires I.E. 4.0 or later.

  4. Put simple alphanumeric ordering into sorting of the title, category and description columns of the "List of Links". For example, titles that start with 4, 5 and 10 will be listed in that order when sorted by title in increasing order.

  5. This program now saves and restores the last 10 search terms. This list can be cleared from the Searching page of the Options screen.

  6. Pressing OK or Apply on the Options screen when the Registration page has been visited and the Activation Code field is blank or this product has been registered no longer results in a noticeable delay or a change to the registration status.

  7. Read-only text boxes now have a white background when there aren't any editable text boxes in the same window and a light background when there is an editable text box in the same window. This change makes the text in read-only text boxes easier to read.

  8. Replaced the spin box on the Saving page of the Options screen with a drop-down list since spin boxes may be difficult to operate when users don't know that you can type in a number.

  9. Added an option to save the column widths of the list of links, statistics and multi-column sorting windows. This setting is initially on. It may be turned off from the Misc. page of the Options screen.

  10. This program now saves its data when Windows reboots or shuts down.

  11. This program can now launch web links that start with "www."

  12. The Options screen now opens at its last displayed page during an AnnotatedLinks session.

  13. The "Choose a Topic" window for selecting a tip of the day by topic name now allows for sorting by name or number.

  14. Changed a System Menu item to "Show Tip of the Day".

  15. User data can now be retrieved after this product expires (due to it not being registered). However, you will not be able to launch links or edit user data.

  16. Launching a link that is a folder will now cause Windows Explorer to display in a more familiar manner. The folder pane will be visible and the specified folder will be selected in the folder pane.

  17. Switched to a newer install program since some people were having problems with the old one. Since that program is not designed to create installation programs that run on Windows 95, the minimum system requirements for AnnotatedLinks now include Windows 98. However, AnnotatedLinks.exe is included in and should work on Windows 95.

AnnWebLinks 2.0

  1. Removed the limit of storing 100 links during the evaluation period. Now there are no such limits in this program.

  2. Link data may be saved into different data files. A data file may be appended to another one.

  3. When a data file is saved, it may be backed up to a file whose name is the that of this data file plus ".bak". This backing up occurs if this backup file does not exist or the program is saving this data file for the first time of the day. This way, if something goes wrong, you may be able to recover previous data. To do so, rename the current data file and then rename the backup file by removing the ".bak" suffix.

  4. Added automatic data saving. The link data may be saved every 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 minutes if there is an unsaved change and the program is not modifying the data. This supplements saving based on Add or Modify button presses and the program closing. At least one of these methods for data saving must be chosen.

  5. List and combo boxes that sort their entries now use simple alphanumeric ordering. For example, the following categories would appear in this order: "Category 1", "Category 2", "Category 10".

  6. The reference point for searches can now be the last link found. Previously, the reference point was always the first link found. This change affects which button (Previous or Next) will be initially activated.

  7. Enhanced the typo-insensitive searching feature. The separation between typos is now adjustable so that matched text can be made more or less similar to the search text.

  8. Incremental searching can now be interrupted. If you notice that characters you type are not quickly showing up in the search field (or input box), then select "Use interruptible incremental searching" in the Searching page of the Options screen. This feature may be helpful when there is a large amount of data to search.

  9. AnnWebLinks now displays the total number of links and the number of selected links. The latter may be helpful when searching for links.

  10. The Import Favorites dialog box now allows for typo-insensitive searching and showing the names of folders as they are being searched. The separation between typos is set to two for filename searching.

  11. Numbers greater than 999 may include a thousands separator. This separator may be selected from the Numbers page in the Options screen. In Europe, preferences include using a dot or a space for this purpose.

  12. Removed acronyms from the default list of title-case exceptions. The title-case routine will preserve words that have at least two uppercase letters unless the entire input text is in uppercase.

  13. When this program was closed on the second screen of a two-screen monitor setup and "Restore previous window position" was checked on the Miscellaneous page of the Options screen, the main program window appeared stretched when AnnWebLinks was restarted. This problem should now be fixed.

AnnWebLinks 1.5

  1. Fixed a bug in the word-wrapping feature that caused the first character of the last line to be overwritten if this line extended beyond the window and was preceded by a blank line. Also enhanced the paragraph-detection part of this feature.
  2. Added importing of favorites or bookmarks from a bookmark.htm file. For Internet Explorer, use the Import and Export command on the File menu to generate this file. Netscape Navigator uses this file to store bookmark information. Based on information found on the Web, FireFox uses this file and Opera has an export command to generate this file. The dialog box for this feature includes Browse and Find buttons. The latter is helpful in case you don't know what folder the bookmark file is in.
  3. Added a multiple-step undo/redo/preview feature for the Modify and Delete buttons. When Preview is activated, you will see the information that is ready to be restored or deleted when you select Undo or Redo.
  4. Added a Tip of the Day feature. These tips introduce features and guide you in using this program.
  5. Added title-case conversions. The Options screen now has a Title Case page that allows you to specify words that should not be capitalized. These words could be in lower, upper or mixed case. A default list of such words is provided.
  6. Added shortcut key sequences to allow menu items to be selected without pulling down the menu, which is done by clicking on the icon to the left of the title bar or by pressing Alt+Spacebar. For example, pressing Ctrl+S will display the Statistics dialog box.
  7. Annotated Link fields will now update when the user changes the selected link by pressing Home, End, arrow or character keys. The Statistics dialog box now updates the item-count display in response to these keys.
  8. When the list-of-links window is active, pressing the Delete key is now equivalent to pressing the Delete button.
  9. Added comma formatting of numbers to the Statistics, delete-confirmation and Preview dialog boxes. Numbers of at least 1,000 will have commas in them.
  10. Pressing the Escape key will no longer close the program. Instead, a dialog box will ask you if you want to exit AnnWebLinks. Pressing Escape will still close secondary windows.
  11. The search drop-down list now sorts its entries. Search terms are added to this list when various buttons are pressed or when the list is dropped down.
  12. Added tool tips to the list-of-links window. These tips appear below the mouse cursor so that this cursor does not obscure the tip text. Due to the design of tool tips, up to 79 characters are displayed.
  13. AnnWebLinks now stores added and modified date/time values. Links can be sorted based on either value.
  14. AnnWebLinks now optionally restores its window position to where it was when this program previously closed. A check box on the Miscellaneous page of the Options screen controls this feature.
  15. AnnWebLinks no longer waits for your browser (or other application) to respond after you press the Launch button. As a result, you can use other features or launch into another application shortly after pressing the Launch button even if your browser or other application crashes.

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Last updated: 1-Jan-2013