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CopyFolder 1.8

  1. Moved the preview list to a separate resizable window. It contains the Folder List and Stray Destination Folders buttons. The latter was in the Folder List window with a shorter label. This window has a "Snap to Main Window" command on its System Menu for connecting it to the main window.
  2. The Stray Destination Folders window now excludes folders that have been deleted.
  3. Added the command Open Folder to the context (right-click) menu of various text fields. Selecting this command results in the same action as the System Menu command Launch File/Windows Explorer. The advantage is that it easier to access this command from a context menu.
  4. Added drag-and-dropping from the preview list to the title bar of an open application as an alternate way to open a file. This is addition to double-clicking on it or using the preview-list commands Open File or Open File With.
  5. Made the following windows resizable: Add Set, Copy Progress, Copy Statistics and Messages, Folder List, Program Notes, Queue Setup, and Stray Destination Folders. The Copy Progress window can only be resized horizontally and the Program Notes window can only be resized vertically.
  6. The size of a resized window will be restored when it is displayed again within a CopyFolder session. These windows will be centered relative to the main window or the preview-list window if space permits.
  7. Added an Expand button to the "Copy Statistics and Messages" window for showing the items that error messages relate to. Along with this is a With Details check box. When checked, related details (if available) would also be displayed. After pressing the Expand button, it changes to a Collapse button for collapsing the message display.
  8. Improved the error messages that may appear in the Copy Statistics and Messages window. These messages may be easier to read if this window and these messages are expanded.
  9. Added more error testing before copying a file.
  10. Added check boxes and times to the date range on the Dates settings page.
  11. Added check boxes to the Preview page of the Options window for detecting possible file moves. When selected, a window may appear after the Preview Statistics window is closed that allows for comparing and moving these files. The second of these check boxes allows for detecting files that have been renamed.
  12. The comparisons for stray folders are now case-insensitive. The comparisons for stray files are now case-insensitive except in preview mode when detecting possible file moves includes looking for renamed files.
  13. When adjusting column widths of the preview list to fit its content is selected on the Preview page of the Options window, these widths are now also adjusted when files in the preview list are deleted, recycled or excluded.

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Last updated: 10-Jan-2017