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Formatted Text Clipboard Editor
Copyright 2012 by David Wincelberg

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ClipHint 2.3 allows you to modify formatted or unformatted text before you paste it into an application. It may display a hint of the current item in its Taskbar button label. It stores many Clipboard items and restores them upon program start. It includes incremental searching, launching, merging and splitting of items. These searches may be typo-insensitive. It has one-step undo and a secondary window, called a mini-window, that stays on top of regular windows and provides an easy way to paste in a sequence of items. ClipHint requires Windows 98 or Windows NT 4.0 or higher. (Trial period: 15 . days-of-use. Fee: $4.99. Upgrade Fee: $0. Released on 23-Sept-2012.)

ClipHint 2.3 Screenshot

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ZIP File with an Install Program

Install package: (582 KB)
Right click on this link, select "Save Target As," select a location and click Save. Then unzip this file and run ClipHintInstaller2.3.exe to install this program. See here for more information.
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Features and Benefits

# Feature Benefit
1 Handles formatted text. Retains font, color and size information.
2 Can remove formatting (by clearing the Include Formatting check box). Some programs have difficulty receiving formatted text.
3 Re-Copy button Allows for modifying text before pasting so that unwanted text is not pasted into a receiving program.
4 Font and Color buttons Allows for formatting changes.
5 Watch for Changes check box Tells ClipHint to ignore Clipboard activity to avoid recording passwords or other sensitive information.
6 Launch button Sends Web links to a browser or filenames (with paths) to other programs.


Handles links starting with "www." Copied links do not need to start with "http://" in order to be launched.
8 Merge button Several items can be joined together with specified characters separating them.
9 Split button An item with multiple lines can separated into several items.
10 Set Mark/Ret. to Mark button Marks the beginning of a set of items. Returns to this position.
11 Change List button Switches between the Main List, which may limit the number of items, and the Retain List, which doesn't.
12 Search text field Finds items in the History list.
13 Incremental search a) No need to press a Search or Find button
b) May find the desired item(s) before you type the full search text.
14 Typo-insensitive search Expands the set of found items.
15 Adjustable typo separation Matched text can be made more or less similar to the search text.
16 Tip of the Day Provides useful information about ClipHint.
17 Mini-Window This always-on-top window makes it easier to paste in a set of items.
18 Saves data when ClipHint closes. Main and Retain Lists are as you left them when the program closes.
19 Saves data after a specified number of changes. Preserves data in case your computer crashes.
20 Adjustable thousand separator People who are more comfortable with a dot, space, another character or no separator can choose any of these number-format options.
21 ClipHint button on the Taskbar a) May show beginning part of an item that is available to be pasted.
b) Resting the mouse cursor on this button may show more of the item's text.
c) Right-clicking (or shift right-clicking) on this button allows for Previous/Next navigation with showing the beginning parts of these items.

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Registering/Buying ClipHint

First Step

Click the Options button, click on the Registration tab, and copy the displayed registration code by pressing the Copy button.

Option 1: Credit Card or PayPal Payment

Paste this code into the text field below and then press the Buy Now button. A PayPal page will open where you can pay by credit card or through your PayPal account. After you do so and I receive notice of your payment and this code, I will send you a thank-you e-mail with the corresponding activation code. (If I receive notice of your payment without this registration code, I will e-mail you for it.) You can register multiple copies of ClipHint with the form below — just enter the registration codes separated by spaces, press the Buy Now button, edit the quantity on the PayPal page to match the number of registration codes and click on the Update link before paying through PayPal.

Registration Code(s):

Option 2: Check Payment

Send me e-mail with the subject being "ClipHint 2.3 registration" that contains this code. (The rest of the body of this e-mail may be blank or say something like "I would like to register ClipHint 2.3.") My reply will include my current postal address. Then send me a check for $4.99 made out to "David Wincelberg". Please include "CH 2.3" on the memo line of your check. After I receive it, I will send you a thank-you e-mail with the corresponding activation code. Note that if the amount of your payment is substantially more than that of a single registration fee, there may be a delay to allow for your check to clear.

Last Step

Enter this activation code into the corresponding field of the Registration page and press Apply or OK to register your copy of this program.
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Last updated: 23-Sept-2012