ClipHint Installation

Formatted Text Clipboard Editor
Copyright 2012 by David Wincelberg

I. Files in

Install.txt: this file
ClipHintInstaller2.3.exe: the installation program
PAD_FILE.XML: contains shareware-distribution information
ClipHint.exe: the main program
ClipHint.txt: the main documentation
SHFolder.dll: a program component
ReadMe.txt: the short documentation
Changes.txt: lists changes to this program

The install program works on Windows 98 and Windows NT 4.0, or later. The last five files are included in case you don't want to run it. For example, if you want to run this program on Windows 95, copy these files to a folder on your computer. You can then create a shortcut by right dragging the filename ClipHint.exe in Windows Explorer to your computer's desktop and selecting "Create Shortcut(s) Here".

II. Running the Install Program

If ClipHint is running, close it.

To install this program, run ClipHintInstaller2.3.exe. If you see a User Account Control window, click on the Yes button. Then follow the prompts from the installer.

Note that the uninstall program will be available in ClipHint's Start Menu folder and through the Control Panel's uninstall feature under the name "ClipHint 2.3".

III. Starting This Program

If you selected creating a Desktop shortcut, you could start this program by double-clicking on the corresponding icon. Otherwise, click on Start, (All) Programs, FileJockey Software, ClipHint and ClipHint Clipboard Editor.

IV. Resolving Problems

The following suggestions applied to the previous install program. They are included below in case they may be helpful.

If Windows prevents you from running the install program, navigate to its filename in Windows Explorer, right click on its name, select Properties and then click on Unblock. Click OK and try again to run it. For some versions of Windows, click on Allow in the dialog box that may appear to permit this program to run.

If you receive an error message that reads "An installable Virtual Device Driver failed DLL initialization", follow the instructions in one of the following web pages to fix this problem and then try again to run the install program.

For Windows XP:
For Windows 2000:

If after running the install program Windows asks if ClipHint installed properly, click on "This program installed correctly."

support at File Jockey Software dot com
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Last updated: 23-Sept-2012