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DriveReady 1.3

  1. Added a check box to main window for silent mode. When checked, the program won't beep to signal that a drive is ready. It will still restore the window (if it is minimized), place the window on top of other ones, and flash its taskbar button. This feature may be helpful in a work environment since, if the program beeped, it may disturb your nearby colleagues.
  2. Renamed the "Show Tip of the Day" command on the System Menu to Show Program Notes since users may want to read more than one item in a day and the text is more extensive than is suitable for tips.
  3. Pressing the "Topic:" button of the Program Notes window opens the "Choose a Topic" window. This window now has a search feature. Topic names and text are searched when the Find button is pressed.

DriveReady 1.2

  1. You can now run only one instance of DriveReady at a time. Running more than one instance simultaneously may result in all instances beeping at once.
  2. Added a "Check for Disks" button. Pressing this button causes this program to check for disks in all drives whose type has been determined.
  3. The "Tip of the Day" window will display at its first tip for a new version of this program. Previously, if you used a prior version of this program, it retained its display state and tip index.
  4. This program is now a shareware program and its one-time registration fee is $4.99.
  5. Added a System Menu command for registering DriveReady. (Its shortcut keystroke is Ctrl+R.) Selecting this command will open DriveReady's window for registration and its web page (if this program is not registered). From this web page, you can click on the Buy Now button to navigate to a web page for paying through PayPal.

DriveReady 1.1

  1. DriveReady now displays whether a disk is in a drive except for drives A and B, network drives and unknown drives. For drives A and B, periodic checking for a disk would produce a distracting noise. For network drives, checking would result in unnecessary network traffic.
  2. If DriveReady's window is minimized when a new or newly-ready drive is detected, this window will be restored. This window will also be placed on top of other windows.
  3. The "Choose a Topic" window for selecting a "Tip of the Day" by topic-name now allows for sorting by name or number.
  4. The display should now flicker less than before.

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Last updated: 21-March-2014