Latest Changes

Shows Drive and Folder Sizes
Copyright 2022 by David Wincelberg


  1. Fixed vertical resizing of the main window.


  1. Changed the drive-information display to show disk sizes for both 1024 B/KB and 1000 B/KB.
  2. Added an Explain button.
  3. Added an Export button.
  4. Removed Recall Column Widths from the System Menu. Automatic adjusting is used instead.
  5. Added a message that selecting rows will display column totals.
  6. Added a message about drag and drop to the Folder Disk-Use window.
  7. Added two cluster sizes to the Folder Disk-Use and Folder Disk-Use Table windows.
  8. In the Number Options dialog, replaced "Dot" with "Period".
  9. Made the Program Notes window vertically resizable.
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Last updated: 11-July-2022