Postage Increase

Postage rates increased on Jan. 27, 2019. I updated my postage page. My Stamps app cannot handle the change. I plan to discontinue it.

Latest Releases

Transfer Policy for Individuals

You may transfer a registered product to another computer once every two years. Since computers may be replaced at any time, the first transfer does not need to occur at least two years after the initial registration date. It should, however, not be shortly after this date. To start a transfer, send me the registration code for the program on your new computer and I will send you the new activation code provided that the program you are transferring has the same version number on both computers. Then enter it into this program on your new computer and deinstall this program from your old one (if it is still working).


CopyFolder now has a With All Upgrades registration option. If you choose it, FileJockey Software will not charge you for upgrades.

The current install program differs from the previous one in these ways. For example, there isn't a recommendation to exit all Windows programs before running the setup or install program.

See the following links for information about postal rates: